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Welcome to PureSpeakers.com; This page last modified 09/23/01


PureSpeakers is my self-run web site that I'm using to exhibit my past, current and future loudspeaker designs to those that have an interest in high-fidelity loudspeaker building. I'm an electrical engineer who works for a Telecom company in hardware design, but has kept the love of building loudspeakers since I can remember.

I started out designing subwoofer systems, the first one as an addition to my Kef Coda III speakers, and others following made specifically for car audio applications. Sealed, Vented, Isobarik, using both passive and active crossovers are only some of the designs I have ventured. My latest design uses Morel drivers, and MDT30 tweeter, and two MW166 woofers in a MTM configuration. My friend Mike Martone and I built them in his garage. The marble formica finish was his idea...and we had a lot of fun sniffing the glue with the kerosene heater going. The complete design, from the cabinet to the crossover will be posted at a later time. I've also chosen to show some pictures & links of one of my other "hobbies," motorcycle riding/racing.

I consult on home theater and home audio loudspeaker designing, testing, and setup.

Current projects


Build Plans:
A Morel MTM system with precise stereo imaging using an MDT30 tweeter and MW166 woofer. Click here for build plans.
Morel MTM system pictures:
Morel MTM front view (with grill) Morel MTM front view (sans grill)
Home theater loudspeakers that were created for a Dolby Digital 5.1 system. Click here for build plans.
Work in progress:
"Bubba" - A no-holds-barred THX Surround-EX 6.1 home theater speaker system,
"Epimetheus" - A low-cost, small sized, Dolby Digital 5.1 home theater speaker system,
"Duce M1" - Reference mini-monitors using Dynaudio's ESOTAR T330D tweeter, Dynaudio Esotar tweeter
"Mini-Mike's" - Dolby Digital rear surrounds using dual full-range speakers.
Development Tools:
The following are some of the development tools and reference material used to design, build, and test my loudspeaker designs.

Audiosoft's Calsod;
Liberty Instrument's Laud and IMP;
Multisim Professional;
LinearX's LEAP;
Accelerometer for cabinet vibration measurements;
Oscilloscope, DMM, Signal Generator, Sound level meters and other various electronic equipment;
Speaker Builder Magazine;
Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason;
Testing Loudspeakers by Joseph D'Appolito;
Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual & Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System by David Weems;
Bullock On Boxes by Robert Bullock;
And of course my self-written software
Typical measurements that are peformed to verify my designs include but are not limited to:

Frequency response-far field and near field, both woofer and port, including magnitude and phase,
System impedance response,
Cumulative spectral decay / Waterfall plot,
Step response,
Excess group delay,
Horizontal polar response, 5 degree increments, up to +/- 60 degrees,
Vertical polar response, 5 degree increments, up to +/- 30 degrees,
Second and third harmonic distortion at 90dB,
LF driver inter-modulation distortion using 900Hz and 1000Hz as input stimulus, producing 90dB at 1 meter
HF driver inter-modulation distortion using 10kHz and 11kHz as input stimulus, producing 90dB at 1 meter,
Cross inter-modulation distortion using 900Hz and 10kHz as input stimulus producing 90dB at 1 meter,
Frequency responses with and without loudspeaker grills (if needed)

My White paper on Speaker Measurement Techniques for Crossover Design, click here
The Second Edition of this white paper is now here!!!
The Third Edition, along with actual data, is coming soon.


The latest Microcontroller project uses a PIC16F877 for the Phone Buddy.

Hobby Pictures


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